I'm starting to cook again!


breakfast crepe with caramelized onions, egg, and ham.
also...pistachio macarons

The Little Door

Adorable little deli/cafe located near the Beverly Center. Macarons there...were terrible. But, the omelets were pretty delicious. I'm definitely coming back here soon. (need to try the escargots) I love how this cafe is K-9 friendly.

The Parisian Omelet : wild mushrooms, parisian ham...Also, the potato gratin is amazing!!


I know...I was m.i.a for the past month. Crazy schedule, but I still have some time to cook...but not to update. Forgive me.
I made brunch today! Eggs in a basket (with fresh bread I bought from the local farmers market!) along with a prosciutto and fig salad.

fooood adventures,


I had SO many food adventures, but here are a few that I actually documented.


Bye facebook.
Just f.y.i to everyone who is wondering "what happened to Lucy?"

Just go on my tumblr for my day to day. I just got tired of having all these blogs, and distractions in my life. Maybe I will be able to cook more.

Email: Lucychen7@gmail.com

au revoir and bonjour to a new life


Hi everyone,
I am not dead. But, finals did drain me...and forced me to eat like a true college student. (Ramen, $5 footlongs where you eat it for two meals, candy, COFFEE...etc).

I will also be m.i.a for this month because I will be in NEW YORK! Volunteering for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, and possibly for Milk studios and/or Pier 94 (Alexander Wang show).

Don't worry I will keep everyone updated with my celebrity/model sightings and all the wonderful restaurants I will be eating at. Follow me on my tumblr (I JUST created it...so nothing there...fail.) http://laviedelucy.tumblr.com/

au revoir California, bonjour New York!

I'm ready!

I am ready to move to Italy or Paris! One day...soon.
I've been inspired by the book Eat Pray love, to just ENJOY life. Take things slow, even if I have to study, pay bills, and work. I have come to the conclusion that I can find some enjoyment in those little responsibilities too.
Today I walked to the closest grocery store bought a baguette, some cheese, eggs, spinach, melon, and smoked salmon.
Here's my Eat Pray Love inspired brunch!
I put some Greek yogurt and honey on the deliciously sweet melon (which I bought for 99cents!)

Oui, I am still in the process of reading this book, and I also watched the movie this past Friday...and I personally thought it was parfait!
Also, my sister's apartment mate is from Italy...definitely going take advantage of that and ask her to teach me Italian.