haha. finally STARTING this blog.

So, I'm not much of a cook.
But through other talented cooks, I've become more fascinated with the art of cooking and creating new recipes.

My photos are not amazing due to a poor quality camera, but I'm trying to save up to get a better camera. promise!

I've never written down the recipes I used...so hopefully this blog will help me be more organized.
I hope that one day my blog will be on tastespotting and/or foodgawker.

Here are some things I have made in the past, I usually use recipes I've found and then make it my own.

Pad thai with shrimp and tofu

a teriyaki chicken marinaded with maple syrup

a fruit tart with lemon curd custard and a dark chocolate ganache at the bottom

cream puffs with vanilla custard inside

a panini with breaded chicken cutlet.

There are a lot more photos but my internet is too slow for massive uploads.


Michelle said...

not a cook? from these pictures, i beg to differ! everything looks fantastic!

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