Brick Toast and Pork!

brick toast <3
I bought thick slices of toast from a Japanese market recently, because I've been craving brick toast. So here it is!
all you need is butter, condensed milk, strawberries (soaked in sugar of course), and some nutella!
steamed/fried pork!
I tenderized the pork, and steamed it in a rice cooker for about 15 min with onion powder, cilantro, and ginger. While that was steaming, I made a delicious sauce from soy sauce, grated ginger, garlic chili, sugar, and sesame oil. yum.


v said...

don't remember how / when i came across your blog but you're definitely bookmarked because of these WONDERFUL pics of food... inspiring me to make my own even though im oh so lazy. just wanted to share some love :)

<33, v

manna said...

whats brick toast? is it just extra thick slices?

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