Nina Ricci and Valentino pre-fall 2010

I am IN LOVE with Nina Ricci's pre fall line. I love the subtle glam, the casual but with a kick. I know red lips were "so in" for the past...what...year or so? But this, I feel, is on a whole different level.

Valentino Pre-fall 2010

I'm not too sure about Valentino pre-fall line. I really do love the red tights though. Also, those killer heels! I like the play on volume in this line, but I think other than could've been better.


(always)alanna said...

i LOVED what nina ricci did this year. stunningggg. that gumbo below looks delicious :)
and gorgeousss blogg- will definitely be back again visiting SOON!

m.e (Cathie) said...

ohhh, they are really nice! and I absolutely love opaque tights.

thanks for popping by, hope you try the chai cupcake recipe.

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