Hi everyone,
I am not dead. But, finals did drain me...and forced me to eat like a true college student. (Ramen, $5 footlongs where you eat it for two meals, candy, COFFEE...etc).

I will also be m.i.a for this month because I will be in NEW YORK! Volunteering for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, and possibly for Milk studios and/or Pier 94 (Alexander Wang show).

Don't worry I will keep everyone updated with my celebrity/model sightings and all the wonderful restaurants I will be eating at. Follow me on my tumblr (I JUST created it...so nothing there...fail.) http://laviedelucy.tumblr.com/

au revoir California, bonjour New York!


Michelle said...

ah! no fair, i'm going to ny soon too, except your trip sounds so much more fun!

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